Introducing the Phantom







Named the Phantom because of the work we’ve done to hide our design and testing on this board for the last 7 months.  We’re finally ready to release our most refined and vetted model that builds on our knowledge from the Barra, LongBarra, and One6One.  Truly a beautiful board that doesn’t compromise!

The Original Barra

Mid-Length High-Lines meet Radical Maneuvers.  Blending rocker templates and separating speed and turning, the Barra lets you express your mood.  Watch Fisher Grant flow on the Barra below.

Form Follows Function

–  These are the design requirements for the Barra.

  • gain and maintain speed without excessive paddling or pumping.  This allows a surfer to relax between maneuvers and smooth out their surfing – enjoy the glide.
  • turn and glide with no or little front foot movement.
  • to surf as radical as a shortboard in turns off the tail.
  • to be smooth in transitions between radical rail surfing and moments of glide.
  • to surf with or without a paddle in sizes from small shortboards to performance SUP boards (up to 1.35 Volume/Weight ratios).  The paddle should enhance surfing, but not be necessary.

The Barra is my interpretation of these objectives.

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