May 18th – Fisher’s video above was shot late April on the stock 7.4, 84L and 8.3, 122L Barras.  Both boards are using our new construction which we’re liking more than our last innegra runs.  Lighter and stronger from what we’re seeing.  LongBarra Testing has been amazing on our third iteration and you can now order the LongBarra.  What I’m loving about the LongBarra is that it turns the same as the Barra, same tail, and tail rocker, so there’s no learning curve or adjusting period between boards.

Email us if you’re interested in ordering.  Production time is 4-5 weeks right now.

May 5th – Hey everyone.  Huge thanks for the interest and support in Portal, and my next phase of exploring my passion in paddle surfing.  If you aren’t familiar with my past projects please check out, I spent a few years breaking down technique in the sport and did a couple films.  Last summer I started on designing the board I’ve always wanted and that project has turned into Portal Surf Designs.

The idea for our first board, the Barra, stemmed from my ideal of paddle surfing – the ease of speed of longboard and mid-length surfing with the radical maneuverability and power of shortboard surfing.  I used to live on a long right point-break that had three distinct sections, all suited for different boards.  That wave, named the Barra, was the inspiration for the board.

The last two rounds of Barra production and early sales have been a huge success!  After 9 months of refinement, the Barra is ready to meet the world and we’re now taking orders.  I have stock dimensions which are listed below.  The big surprise on the last two rounds of testing has been how good the Barra feels in bigger sizes.  I’m now riding the 107L and 122L boards and find they turn very similar to the 83L and 92L models.  The 99L Barra is a favorite of two intermediate testers.  Below, you’ll find tested dimensions.  I’m happy to do custom sizes for a $100 design fee and the caveat that anything off-book hasn’t been tested yet.

In April, Fisher Grant, US SUP and Longboard Champion, joined the Portal team.  With his help the LongBarra, a hybrid longboard with radical elements, has been refined over 2 rounds of design and testing.  We have 9.0 and 9.6 versions.  The first version is featured in the video above.  Fisher will be anchoring the Portal Surf Team, and helping in the design and testing process.  I feel he’s the most well-rounded surfer in the world of paddle surfing and he has a keen eye for art and design which will soon be evident in our boards.

Stock Barra Dimensions –

7.4 x 25.5 @84L    –    7.6 x 27 @92L    –    7.9 x 28 @99L    –    7.11 x 28.5 @107L    –    8.1 x 29 @113L    –    8.3 x 29.5 @122L

There is more flexibility in LongBarra dimensions from our testing.  I ride the 9.0 x 26 @100L and we’ve tested up to 9.6 and up to 120L.  Contact us below for a custom LongBarra.


Paddle surfing, in it’s highest form, is the perfect blend of lazy longboard and mid-length lines with the explosive and radical maneuvers of shortboard surfing – ideally without compromise.

Form Follows Function

–  These are the design requirements for the Barra.

  • gain and maintain speed without excessive paddling or pumping.  This allows a surfer to relax between maneuvers and smooth out their surfing – enjoy the glide.
  • turn and glide with no or little front foot movement.
  • to surf as radical as a shortboard in turns off the tail.
  • to be smooth in transitions between radical rail surfing and moments of glide.
  • to surf with or without a paddle in sizes from small shortboards to performance SUP boards (up to 1.35 Volume/Weight ratios).  The paddle should enhance surfing, but not be necessary.

The Barra is my interpretation of these objectives.

Contact us –

Questions about the boards, or ready to place an order.  Use the form below to start the process.  Thanks, Erik

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