Introducing The Barra

The First evolution of stand-up paddle surfboards were redesigned surf shapes made with greater volume to stand on.  The Portal feels to me like like a next generation board built from first principles – leveraging all the unique attributes of stand-up surfing to harness speed, flow, and truly dynamic turning.  An order of magnitude better than anything I’ve tested or ridden.  Kudos Erik, you can tell this was a labor of love.  – Chris, Boston

Pricing starts at $1,249 for Standard Epoxy and $1,475 for Innegra Carbon.  Contact us to order now!

This video was filmed in early December 2017 and shows v3.1 of the Barra model in both 7.4 x 25.5 @83L and 7.9 x 28.5 @107L (mostly slow motion).
 v3.2 tested January 2018 with changes to front fin placement and entry rocker, both successful.  First orders to the public are v4.1 in either standard epoxy or Innegra buids.

Deliberate in Design

Paddle surfing, in it’s highest form, is the perfect blend of lazy longboard and mid-length lines with the explosive and radical maneuvers of shortboard surfing – ideally without compromise.

Form Follows Function

–  These are the design requirements for the Barra.

  • gain and maintain speed without excessive paddling or pumping.  This allows a surfer to relax between maneuvers and smooth out their surfing – enjoy the glide.
  • turn and glide with with no or little front foot movement.
  • to surf as radical as a shortboard in turns off the tail.
  • to be smooth in transitions between radical rail surfing and moments of glide.
  • to surf with or without a paddle in sizes from small shortboards to performance SUP boards (up to 1.35 Volume/Weight ratios).  The paddle should enhance surfing, but not be necessary.

The Barra is my interpretation of these objectives.

Barra Gallery

Built to Scale

The Barra wasn’t supposed to be a shortboard.  100% of the design focus was on creating a standup that distributed volume such that it could be surfed.  I made a 6.1 standup for my son and it looked great.  So, I started surfing it at times.  It worked.  I built one for one of an incredible surfer in Nosara to get his take.

He loved it.


The same principles that allow larger boards to be surfed like smaller boards, allow smaller shapes have more volume while not losing performance which gives extra speed.  This isn’t a normal shortboard, it’s more like a high performance retro.

Why make a shortboard?  I’m a surfer, and I think the goal of everyone should be to be a surfer.  With or without a paddle.  The Barra as a shortboard allows you to ride a shape you’ll know which will provide an easy transition between paddling and surfing.

Contact us to ask about a discount when purchasing both a SUP Barra and shortboard Barra.