The Barra

The Original Design – High-Line Speed meets Radical

Fisher Grant surfs the Barra in Costa Rica

Shaper Erik Antonson Discusses the Barra Design Process and Features

Form Follows Function

–  These are the design requirements for the Barra.

  • gain and maintain speed without excessive paddling or pumping.  This allows a surfer to relax between maneuvers and smooth out their surfing – enjoy the glide.
  • turn and glide with no or little front foot movement.
  • to surf as radical as a shortboard in turns off the tail.
  • to be smooth in transitions between radical rail surfing and moments of glide.
  • to surf with or without a paddle.  The paddle should enhance surfing, but not be necessary.

The Barra is my interpretation of these objectives.

Sizes and Ordering –

We’ve extensively tested the Barra from 7.4 x 24.5 @75L to 8.6 x 32 @135L.  Because of the way the Barra hides foam, we call it invisible volume, you should talk to Erik before ordering.  For instance, Erik used to ride 85L boards, but now with the invisible volume in the Barra, he’s moved up to 92-95L with no loss in performance.

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