Introducing The Barra

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The First evolution of stand-up paddle surfboards were redesigned surf shapes made with greater volume to stand on.  The Portal feels to me like like a next generation board built from first principles – leveraging all the unique attributes of stand-up surfing to harness speed, flow, and truly dynamic turning.  An order of magnitude better than anything I’ve tested or ridden.  Kudos Erik, you can tell this was a labor of love.  – Chris, Boston

Pricing starts at $1,475.  Contact us to order now!

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Paddle surfing, in it’s highest form, is the perfect blend of lazy longboard and mid-length lines with the explosive and radical maneuvers of shortboard surfing – ideally without compromise.

Form Follows Function

–  These are the design requirements for the Barra.

  • gain and maintain speed without excessive paddling or pumping.  This allows a surfer to relax between maneuvers and smooth out their surfing – enjoy the glide.
  • turn and glide with no or little front foot movement.
  • to surf as radical as a shortboard in turns off the tail.
  • to be smooth in transitions between radical rail surfing and moments of glide.
  • to surf with or without a paddle in sizes from small shortboards to performance SUP boards (up to 1.35 Volume/Weight ratios).  The paddle should enhance surfing, but not be necessary.

The Barra is my interpretation of these objectives.