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The board works amazingly in all conditions small and big waves.  I love that I can move the center fin for conditions.  The ability to gain speed before turns and after is unreal, and the combination of the stability of the board and how radical that you can get because of the thin rails and the tail is unbelievable.  The board is light but not too light, which is very helpful in conditions of strong wind (Offshore), very strong construction for a high-performance board.  It is definitely a board that I recommend for people who want to increase their surfing level in very short time.
I love it!

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Maybe its divine intervention, I meant to title this letter My Portal and Mt Portal found its way to the page…..somewhat describing the journey to my Barra SUP.  I ventured into Sup surfing after 16 years of short boarding.  With a helpful push to further my skills, Erik was always wanting me to get to a lower volume SUP.  Thinking I would only get the desired performance from factory boards I was reluctant to hop on a Barra.  After riding a different board for 2 straight days I felt ready to take out my 8”2×29  122L Portal.  The next 2 days were amazing.  The flexibility, stability, and responsiveness blew my mind.  I am heavier paddler at 210 lbs and it floats, paddles and gets into any size waves great.  I’ve had it in head high to thigh high surf and it’s still a blast.  It’s much less corkey in surf with a little chop on it and the stepped rails add stability while paddling and on the wave face and turns like a shortboard.  Nice work Erik…

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I’ve surfed dozens of different SUP surf designs throughout my 7 years in the sport. The feeling of surfing the Barra is the biggest jump in equipment performance I’ve ever felt. The Barra allows me to generate more speed than I know what to do with. I’m actually having to relearn how I approach my surfing and turns because of the speed I’m now able to produce. At 200 lbs I’m surfing the 7’6, 90 liter model, and have been pleasantly surprised with the stability of this smaller size. I can’t wait to put in more time on this board to dial it in and maximize my SUP surfing performance.

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I’ve never felt a paddle surfboard that rips like the Portal. I’m riding a 7’9” at 107L—it races down the line, pumps so fluidly with a frictionless feel that is unique to me… and a total blast in bigger waves. The raised deck and low rails are such a powerful innovation, combining a ballast-like stability under the chop with high-performance maneuverability. I’m early in my learning curve in this beautiful art, but the portal feels like a dream. About to drop down to the 99L Sunyata when Erik comes down next…
Josh Waitzkin
author, The Art of Learning
8x US National Chess Champion
2x Tai Chi Push Hands World Champion
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, Surfer, Dad

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The First evolution of stand-up paddle surfboards were redesigned surf shapes made with greater volume to stand on.  The Portal feels to me like like a next generation board built from first principles – leveraging all the unique attributes of stand-up surfing to harness speed, flow, and truly dynamic turning.  An order of magnitude better than anything I’ve tested or ridden.  Kudos Erik, you can tell this was a labor of love.